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Concert Packages – Why Seeing Your Favourite Band Shouldn’t Be a Hassle
by Robin Richmond

Although many of us don’t like to admit it going to see a concert can sometimes be more trouble than its worth. While it certainly isn’t very “rock and roll” to tell your friends that you don’t fancy getting stuck with thousands of other sweaty people at the back of a concert you can’t even hear, the fact remains that there are better ways to spend an evening.

To be honest, when you start to think about it there is many things about concerts that are simply not fun! For starters, unless you want to spend a fruitless morning at work hitting the ‘last number re-dial’ button or getting up at an inhumane hour of the day to queue outside the ticket office – you may struggle to get the best seats in the house. You can try booking online but most of the time the website starts crashing due to the high traffic volumes or your work server won’t let you access the site in the first place!

In the end you pay a substantial amount of money for a ticket in row ZZX next to two moaning teenagers escorted by their parents. By this point I bet you are feeling really “rock and roll”. By the time the concert finishes you have had to listen to the crowd sing for two hours because the band is so far away and have the prospective of a two hour drive in front of you just to get a mile away from the stadium due to the high traffic volumes. All this and you haven’t even had a drink...

By this time you are thinking that you never want to go to a concert again – but wait... What happened to the exciting concerts of your youth? Great atmosphere, great music, no problems. Surely these days aren’t gone forever? Well the good news is these days aren’t gone, as long as you get organised – or let a third party do the organisation for you.

Organised concert packages are becoming increasing popular in the UK. In the past these have been very expensive but an increasing amount of organisations have become quite competitive in this area and as a result they have become great value for money. For example, offers a number of ticket plus hotel deals which means you are guaranteed a grand stand view of proceedings and don’t have to worry about late night journeys home fighting through the traffic.

Another great benefit of buying a ticket this way is that such companies very often have tickets even when the gigs are officially sold out. Normally, when trying to get tickets to sell out concerts you will spend hours trawling the classified listings or spending a fortune competing in bid wars on! However, organisers of concert packages usually have guaranteed tickets which means you can still get some of the best seats in the house a couple of days before the sell out concert.

Booking a concert break can really take the stress out of the event – and let you concentrate on having a good time. With hotel accommodation after the event you don’t have to worry about driving home, which means you can enjoy a drink and a meal before or after the event. Many of the hotels in packages are within easy walking distance of the venue, which really means you can take things at your own pace. You never know, you might even be sharing the same hotel as the band – now that would be rock and roll!

About the Author

Robin Richmond
51 Timberbush
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