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Rascal FlattsRascal Flatts is a country music group composed of second cousins Gary Levox and Jay DeMarcus, together with good friend Joe Don Rooney...

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Holiday table talk

Fri, 18 Nov 2022 16:04:36 +0000

How to set boundaries


These ultimate brownies are not too cakey, not too fudgy and extremely delicious

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 15:48:09 +0000

This recipe straddles the line by producing a cake-like brownie that is also moist and dense.


Easy sweet potato casserole will have everyone asking for seconds

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 22:19:56 +0000

This Thanksgiving casserole features a rich, silky smooth sweet potato filling that entices the taste buds with cream, butter, pure vanilla extract.


Can you answer these 60 trivia questions on Christmas movies, music and traditions?

Wed, 07 Dec 2022 12:44:17 +0000

Try these Christmas trivia questions on for size. We've listed questions and answers to fun facts about holiday music, movies and traditions.


Put your Crocs in sport mode and start shopping the new Crocs x Luke Combs collab

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 18:15:25 +0000

The Crocs x Luke Combs collaboration just dropped. Shop the cute camo crocs and croc charms today.


The ER or urgent care? How to know where to go when you get sick.

Fri, 09 Dec 2022 12:00:05 +0000

While every situation varies, here are some basic guidelines to help you decide when to go to urgent care, the ER or your primary care doctor.


Try these giant ginger cookies for your next holiday bake

Wed, 07 Dec 2022 14:07:56 +0000

Few edible treats say happy holidays like giant ginger cookies.


Maple star cookies: Sugar, spice and everything nice

Wed, 07 Dec 2022 14:06:23 +0000

Maple is an old-fashioned flavor that is just as popular today as ever.


Celine Dion reveals stiff person syndrome diagnosis in emotional Instagram video

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 22:38:32 +0000

Celine Dion revealed that she has been diagnosed with stiff person syndrome and it will force her to cancel and reschedule parts of her 2023 tour.


How to cook steak: Here are tips to cook steak perfectly, plus debunking common myths

Wed, 07 Dec 2022 15:32:03 +0000

In an age when everyone's an expert and not afraid to tell you, we'll help dispel some common fallacies about cooking steak.


Wilderness therapy was supposed to help these 'troubled teens.' It traumatized them instead.

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 12:20:57 +0000

Parents often turn to wilderness therapy when they feel they need help for their troubled teens. But former campers say they were abused, traumatized.


In search of a holiday dessert? This pecan pie recipe is simply magic

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 16:10:39 +0000

Steve McDonough is a retired Chattanooga pharmacist who bakes extraordinary pies for holidays. Here is his pecan pie recipe.


What does 111 mean? Why you keep seeing it and how it will help you manifest your power.

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 17:05:31 +0000

The angel number 111 is associated with confidence, motivation and independence. It means a new journey of self is on its way, said Novalee Wilder.


Try these viral crispy Parmesan roasted potatoes and you'll never look at spuds the same

Tue, 06 Dec 2022 20:40:00 +0000

If you love roasted potatoes, then you have to try this recipe for crispy oven fried potatoes coated in Parmesan and garlic. Here's how to make them.



Wed, 14 Aug 2019 12:46:06 +0000

See positive stories about brave, compassionate kids who are changing the world.


This Christmas cookie has been a family favorite for 60 years. Here's grandma's treasured recipe.

Fri, 09 Dec 2022 15:09:07 +0000

Ahead of the holiday season, I spent an afternoon with my grandma and learned how to make almond sticks from a family cookie recipe.


Experts explain

Fri, 18 Nov 2022 16:08:57 +0000

Toxic positivity


Céline Dion has stiff person syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. What is that?

Fri, 09 Dec 2022 14:54:11 +0000

Stiff person syndrome is a very rare neurological disorder. The disease's symptoms include progressive muscle stiffness and violent muscle spasms.


Celebrating today's woman

Fri, 25 Nov 2022 14:05:18 +0000

USA TODAY's Modern Woman magazine features holiday fashion, décor and gift ideas; travel, food and more. And Michelle Obama discusses her new book.


When is Christmas 2022? Here's when (and why) we celebrate the holiday.

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 16:58:48 +0000

Christmas 2022 will be Sunday, Dec. 25, 2022. The holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and is associated with gift giving and decorating trees.


What does 000 mean? Angel number meaning and symbolism for work, relationships and more

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 17:05:13 +0000

The angel number 000 is associated with potential and possibilities, appearing before shifts, rather than during, said Novalee Wilder.



Fri, 18 Nov 2022 15:39:30 +0000

See how the stars align


Bobby Flay recipe

Fri, 18 Nov 2022 16:06:14 +0000

Try this creamy polenta


If you like loaded baked potatoes, then you have to try this soup

Wed, 07 Dec 2022 23:37:48 +0000

This soup comes together in 30 minutes. Serve it with scallions, bacon and cheese, to allow eaters to customize their bowls.


What causes alopecia? Here's what you need to know about its causes, symptoms and treatment

Wed, 07 Dec 2022 15:18:32 +0000

Jada Pinkett Smith confirmed in 2018 that she was diagnosed with alopecia. Here's what you need to know about the condition that causes hair loss.


Will Smith, Megan Fox are praising psychedelics. What medical experts want you to know.

Wed, 29 Sep 2021 19:28:48 +0000

Megan Fox, Will Smith, and more are talking about their life-changing experiences with psychedelics. Here's what medical experts want you to know.


How to build a vegan cheese board all guests can enjoy

Tue, 06 Dec 2022 23:50:51 +0000

This cornucopia of everyone's favorite savory snacks — they also look extremely impressive, bursting with colors, flavors and textures.


Who should you be spending more time with? 6 types of people to keep close.

Wed, 07 Dec 2022 11:00:15 +0000

How many messages, DMs, voicemails, comments, emails or invitations do you ignore or decline daily?


What are angel numbers? Beginner's guide to angel numbers and what they (could) mean.

Thu, 08 Dec 2022 17:20:54 +0000

In numerology, angel numbers are repeating number sequences, often used as a guide for deeper spiritual exploration. These sequences can range from 000 to 999.



Wed, 14 Aug 2019 12:48:55 +0000

Videos, news, and tips on your favorite animals—the furry, scaly, and everything in between.


Music for Film and TV:
A Report from the Hollywood Reporter/Billboard Conference

By Scott G (The G-Man)

"Forget the name of this thing," one audience member said of The Hollywood Reporter Billboard Film and TV Music Conference, "it's really all about the politics and money it takes to put your music in a flick." More than one attendee privately agreed.

The underlying truth of that position may explain the conflicting points made by the more than two dozen speakers. For example, Glen Ballard was optimistic while maintaining a healthy dose of pessimism. Mark Mothersbaugh was elated yet often reliant on quietly humorous sarcasm. Chris Douridas was excited while being realistic and determined. And so it went during the two-day event held at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, with every panel member upbeat about many aspects of the industry while acknowledging that there are lots of problems.

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