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Indie Rock

Rascal FlattsRascal Flatts is a country music group composed of second cousins Gary Levox and Jay DeMarcus, together with good friend Joe Don Rooney...

Indie Rock

When it comes to both large and small cities in United States of America, there are so many bands in the garage are making some shattering music to the music lovers. Most of them are writing with more passions than most do, and they are not influenced by a label, and they are trying pulling everything from their lives. These Indie music bands are writing about their dreams and a hope instead of writing about something a big label has told them to write about. All of these musicians are having a sense of respect towards their indie music, and they are not interesting to capitalizing off the music. But they want to influence other with their life experienced and things that influenced them. As a music lover, we need to tribute what makes them who they are, Indie and under ground musicians get famous not because of label had a deal with a radio station, but because of their music is truly appreciating by many people around the world.

In United States of America, it can be hard to be an Indie Musician. Most of the label companies are increasingly harder to remain unique and individual. Progressive rock bands have it hard, because their songs are usually longer than the standard radio song average and follow a less standardized song structure. For those who love Indie music, there are a variety of ways you can get involved and find more music. Indie websites are my personal favorite, but there are ways such as venues in every city where local musicians play, your friends who can refer musicians, as well as social networking sites where you can meet indie music lovers.

Anyhow, we need to give applaud to these musicians by giving say like do it yourself. They provide the trends that major labels follow, and even help set fashion trends. We send a plea to all these indie musicians not to give up, and keep making our lives better by doing what they do best. Finally, there are some well established and experienced web sites are offering these Indie numbers to their clients. For more information and details, please visit their valuable website.

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Music for Film and TV:
A Report from the Hollywood Reporter/Billboard Conference

By Scott G (The G-Man)

"Forget the name of this thing," one audience member said of The Hollywood Reporter Billboard Film and TV Music Conference, "it's really all about the politics and money it takes to put your music in a flick." More than one attendee privately agreed.

The underlying truth of that position may explain the conflicting points made by the more than two dozen speakers. For example, Glen Ballard was optimistic while maintaining a healthy dose of pessimism. Mark Mothersbaugh was elated yet often reliant on quietly humorous sarcasm. Chris Douridas was excited while being realistic and determined. And so it went during the two-day event held at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, with every panel member upbeat about many aspects of the industry while acknowledging that there are lots of problems.

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