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Rascal FlattsRascal Flatts is a country music group composed of second cousins Gary Levox and Jay DeMarcus, together with good friend Joe Don Rooney...


Top Billboard Hits in

Do you keep track of the latest billboard hits and memorize the songs? The hip hop music of today is definitely more diverse with many new talents as it has ever been. Some of the top hits are still worthy of dancing to or even singing while in the shower. Much of the upbeat music is gaining popularity all over the world and with such a pop culture influenced world, the music is enough to keep you entertained for a long time.

The music of today is also unfortunately having more of a negative impact on today's youth with its adult lyrics, sexual references and overall unwholesome background themes. The videos associated with some of the lyrics is not for children's eyes. However new music like The Fray, Gnarls Barkley and solo artists Rihana and Cassie share unique sounds and instrumentals without the profanity that other pop artists are displaying.

This list gives such a variety of sounds and we discovered that some of the videos are very entertaining and energetic so not every song needs to be censored. It is still wise to preview some of the songs before listening. Promiscuous-Nelly Furtado Nelly Furtado has a unique voice and the music is one that reminds me of the 80's band Berlin. As I visited this site featuring Nelly Furtado, I was immediately drawn to the CD cover and noticed also how much she looks like Sheena Easton from the early 80's. I enjoy this upbeat music and know you will too.

Crazy-Gnarls Barkley When you first hear DJ's mention the name Gnarls Barkley, you may think they said Charles Barkley, as in the famous NBA legend, but it is actually new music and it is also a band not a solo act. The song "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley shows unique art in the CD cover that actually caught my attention more than the unusual name of the band. It looks like something out of the Andy Warhol collection or even a Picasso painting. Me & U-Cassie The CD cover featuring the very athletic looking and talented young diva "Cassie" looks like something the younger crowd would purchase.

The hip-hop artist shows off her sleek body frame in her debut title "Looking for Me & U". Those of us that like up beat hip hot music will appreciate this unique blend of music. Buttons-Pussycat Dolls You may not be able to figure out the connection with the music and the CD cover but it is one that draws curiosity out of many of us that like hip hop music. The music has the familiar hip-hop sound flavor that is played at most night clubs but the man in the CD cover does not indicate the music style. It looks like a Euro-style portrait of a man in Moscow, especially with the red art on the cover. It's Goin' Down-Yung Joc Hip-hop rapper Yung Joc sings the popular "It's Goin' Down" track and it does carry a toe-tappin beat with it.

The urban-like CD cover depicts this young rappers background and music. Hips Don't Lie-Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean Another CD cover that may very well fool even the most knowledgeable in today's hip-hop music. The sexy model in the cover, possibly modeling as "Eve" holding an apple is nothing like what I had in mind for the featured song "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira. There is even a taste of reggae in the background whom I assume is the featured Wyclef Jean.

It is an unusual title for a sound track but it is also an interesting sound from one of many newer hip-hop artists, Shakira. Unfaithful-Rihanna The young talent Rihanna and her short sound clip "Unfaithful" sounds a lot like Nelly Furtado's music. A beautiful model-like pop singer also carries with her a beautiful voice and is definitely music that most of the younger crowd will appreciate. Ain't No Other Man-Christina Aguilera The CD cover illustrates Christina shown in a vintage 1930's setting next to a phonograph record player and the image may remind the viewers of an old record album cover our Grandparents may have once had.

Once you play the short sampler you'll soon recognize the familiar sounds of this talented hip-hop star who continues to gain popularity on the top 20 charts. Over My Head-The Fray This amazing graphic of the Stealth Bomber from the movie "Stealth" is an awesome display of power in a movie that is very much worth renting. A popular hit by one of the newer bands today, The Fray, sing their smash hit "Over my Head"(Cable Car). This CD also features a wide variety of other artists such as the more well known Sly and the Family Stones and David Bowie. Snap Yo Fingers-Lil Jon Featuring E-40 & Sean Paul of The YoungBloodZ Rapper Lil Jon plays his latest rif "Snap Yo Fingers" and has back up help from E-40 and Seal Paul of the Youngbloods and the image on the CD cover clearly shows his artistic talent. He almost appears in pain in the image but is clearly showing some serious enthusiasm and high energy.

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Music for Film and TV:
A Report from the Hollywood Reporter/Billboard Conference

By Scott G (The G-Man)

"Forget the name of this thing," one audience member said of The Hollywood Reporter Billboard Film and TV Music Conference, "it's really all about the politics and money it takes to put your music in a flick." More than one attendee privately agreed.

The underlying truth of that position may explain the conflicting points made by the more than two dozen speakers. For example, Glen Ballard was optimistic while maintaining a healthy dose of pessimism. Mark Mothersbaugh was elated yet often reliant on quietly humorous sarcasm. Chris Douridas was excited while being realistic and determined. And so it went during the two-day event held at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, with every panel member upbeat about many aspects of the industry while acknowledging that there are lots of problems.

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